The team of the Efficiator combines different backgrounds and qualities together. With a clear vision and defined goals in the energy transition. We have experience and knowledge in the installation, energy and software branch. We are highly innovative without losing the current reality out of sight.
Efficiator is the result of years of experience, collaboration, and a better world.


  • Customer data in one online dashboard

  • A tool to achieve goals of sustainability

  • A new market for installers

  • Big impact by making many consumers green.

  • Total package solution whereby the homeowner gets fully taken care of.

The team

Maarten van duijn
IT advisor

Sander Hartwig

Richard van Ravenstein

Dirk ten Have

Erik van dijk


The mission of the Efficiator is to empower companies to take up corporate social responsibility by making employees and customers green. All buildings upgraded to an A⁺⁺ label. This is impact!


The Efficiator want to create a world wherein companies with help of automatized, structural collaboration with installers, participate actively in the energy transition by upgrading the homes of stakeholders efficiently and therefore stop the usage of fossil energy.