The Efficiator project

Efficiator project; how to get sustainability into your home?

Sustainability, CO2 reduction, reducing the need for fossil fuels are subject to many discussions and are very much needed. Yet most people do nothing, how can this be? Research shows that the vast majority is either unaware that they can act themselves or do not know where to start. High investments or inexperience are big barriers that keep many people away from even simple measurements to improve their home.

We solve the home owners problem by bringing insights, financials, products, services and execution in one proposition for the homeowner to upgrade their home. We provide best quality service and products for the lowest prices and with our experience and knowledge we manage your upgrade better then you can do it yourself.

Efficiator is the one stop shop for a sustainable home upgrade.

Our algorithms calculate from public, installers, banks, governmental and product data the optimal solution for the home owner upfront. After we have enriched the standard solution with data from the home owner and we get his or her approval, we offer 3 tailormade bundles of installments and financial opportunities that fit the home owners needs. The first bundle starts with the low hanging fruits and bundle three leads to a green home or A++ label.

Efficiator; the one click, full service upgrade tool for home owners.

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